Khaos Bikes Enduro & Single Track, Ride Mentor Program

Tailored to riders who want to advance their riding knowledge and ability, and become one with their machine, While tackling any obstacle Mclean Creek (And Beyond!) can throw at you. 


Enjoy Your Life And Your Bike. Experience adrenaline fueled, 2 wheeled adventure! Learning the main trails, paths to avoid, And Ride Some Bangin’ Single track! 

All while you earn proficency badges and advance your skills!

We will cover everything from Safety precautions and recommended gear you should have, To advanced riding tips and techniques, and everything in between

You will become comfortable and confident so you may ride carefree into any terrain!


You will inevitably learn some map reading, and gps chart plotting, The Good the bad and the Ugly of riding in the untamed terrain of the mountains, and in the end you will come out a much more confident, Stable and faster rider.


**This Is Not A Beginner Program**

*Open to both 2 and 4 stroke riders

(More Info Below)

See For Yourself
Watch This Video!

There will be 3 “Certification” Badges available to earn by completing sessions, Carrying Specific Gear, and showing improvement, Which will demonstrate your proficiency in riding enduro and single track Safely and competently. (More Info Below)

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Enduro Certification

This Program is perfect for:

-Those weekend warriors who may not be able to get many hours of seat time per week, But want to push themselves to the next level in our short summer seasons

-Those riders who have not been on a bike in a few years, And want to quickly re-familiarize themselves with the terrain, Their machines and their skills.

-The talented/Skilled youth rider who is looking for guidance to advance in confidence, Knowledge And Ability (Must be accompanied by a guardian if under 18)

-The Enthusiast rider who may not be advancing on their own quick enough, Or one who wants to learn the area and pick up a few tips along the way.

Who this program is NOT for:

-Those who are not familiar with the clutch or shifting.

-Those who cannot touch the ground from a seated position

-Those who are just learning to ride

-Those who would rather complain, Than learn, and push themselves

-Youth who cannot have a parent / Guardian tag along for the course

-Brand new riders should not apply.

You must be able to mostly handle your bike, And have reasonably competent clutch and throttle control. As well as be able to touch the ground on your machine.


This program will dive deeper into riding, And teach you how to clear larger obstacles, Deal with smaller emergencies such as getting stuck in the mud when alone, Improving your confidence and overall speed on Single Track, Learning the area, Key points and safe routes, And always preparing for everything

Dirt Bike

Who Am I, And Why Should You Trust Me To Teach you?

I'm Kaeli Khaos. Or Khaos For Short.

I'm riding a brand new 2021 Beta 125 RR Race Edition,

And am in mclean several times a week, Both weekdays

and weekends.

I have been on 2 wheels since I could walk!

I used to BMX every day for many many years when I

was younger. And even started riding

2 stroke dirt bikes around the age of 12.


Between riding anything that rolls, And working on

small 2 stroke engines, my focus was clear.



I have been an enthusiast,  riding seriously for the last 5 years, Several times a week, mostly at mclean creek Both in groups and alone, Mapping trails, Advancing my own skills, And learning to tackle anything in my way. I create videos on my youtube channel Khaos Bikes Garage, And as you will see, i'm nothing short of crazy.


I Rode my old 99 rm250  for several years, with no stickers, No flashy parts, No upgrades, and carrying a big tool bag. And many folks on brand new TPI 2 strokes even had trouble just making it where I went. Nevermind keeping up.


It's all about riding what you have to its full potential (And yours)


Ive had comments such as:

“Holy Shit… Do You Always Ride That Fast?”

“My God! I just can't keep up!”

“How Do You Do It?”


Now here is your chance to learn how it's done!

What To Expect From A Session

-When you sign up, You will be asked to answer a few questions, Which will help me tailor the session to your needs. This will allow me to pre plan a route that will benefit you most.

-You will be provided a free checklist several days before your session, which will detail a 3 tier system for gear recommendations. You must have a minimum of a tier 1 kit to attend (Bonus Points for tier 2 or 3 kits!)

-On the day before, And day of your session(& every day), Its recommended to do a full body stretch, accompanied by squats and pushups, to reduce any chance of pulled muscles or torn ligaments. This helps immensely with your endurance, and physical fitness.

-Dont come on an empty stomach! Have a small breakfast/lunch, Or a fruit smoothie before you come.

-When you arrive for the session, we will do A Quick check over of your gear and your bike to make sure you can make the ride (Show Up Early!)

-We will discuss a route, And throughout the session, show you how to use a map and gps to plot a course, and follow it.

-The ride will begin, Following our plotted course, and we will head to the first trailhead where we will take a short break to discuss and prepare for the upcoming obstacles, and terrain that we will face.

-We will ride a mix of quad trails, and single track, And i will teach you how to tackle anything we face.

-There will be short breaks at applicable spots, And when necessary, to catch your breath.

-I will stop at difficult sections and offer spotting support, and verbal instruction when necessary

-Expect to push your limits, and advance faster than you ever thought possible.

-Expect to be tired, Sweaty, Out of breath, Sore, And Still Wanting More!

-Expect to learn. Be teachable.

Session Fees

*Max 2 participants per session*


Weekend Or Weekday Daytime Session

4 Hours long. Begins at 11 am

$25/Hr x 4hr per session = $100/person /Session


Weekday Evening Session

2 or 3 Hours Long (Flexible Days)

Begins At 5pm

$25/Hr x2hr session = $50 per person

$25/Hr x3hr Session =$75 per person


Youth Session

4 Hours Long (Max 4 Participants)

*Youth under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18*

Max 2 youth participants with 2 guardians. Weekends or weekdays

Starting at 11 am or 12 noon

Prices are as follows:

Guardian Price $25/Hr x 4hr =  $100 per person

Youth Price $18/Hr x 4hr =  $72 per person

Total with 1 youth + 1 guardian =  $172

Total with 2 youth + 1 Guardian =  $244

Total With 2 Youth + 2 Guardian =  $344

How To Secure Your Session

Step 1: Click Here To Fill out The Application Form >

Step 2: Send an Email Transfer to For The Cost Of The Session

Step 3: Email Khaos Bikes With Your Availability, Phone Number And Which Day And Time Works Best For you.

Step 4: Wait For Your Confirmation Call From Khaos!

Step 5: Show Up For Your Session!

mbnm bnm.png

Enduro Certification

To Earn A Badge, you Must Complete The Following:

Tier 1 Enduro Certification

-Enduro Minimalist-

-Completed At Least 1 Khaos Bikes Enduro Mentor Session

-Can handle the bike and basic obstacles confidently. Requires Help Every So Often

-Has A Basic understanding Of Map Reading And Navigation

-Has (And Carries) A Tier 1 Or Tier 2 Gear Kit

-Score at least 70% or better On The End-Of-Session Scorecard

Tier 2 Enduro Certification

-Enduro Specialist-

-Completed At Least 1 Khaos Bikes Mentor Session with good proficiency, And shown a willingness to learn and major improvement within a single session


-Completed At least 2 Khaos Bikes Enduro mentor Session, and shown Improvement between sessions

-Preferres Single Track riding, Proficient in Tackling Obstacles, And confidence in Both up And Downhill Riding, Requiring Minimal Help. if any. Not quite ready to ride solo safely.

-Shows proficiency In map reading, Route planning, And may have some gps knowledge

-Carries a Minimum of a tier 2 Gear Kit

-Score at least 80% Or Better On the End-Of-Session Scorecard

Tier 3 Enduro Certification

-Enduro Enthusiast-

-Completed At Least 2 Khaos Bikes Mentor Sessions, And demonstrates applied knowledge regularly

-Has shown major improvement, And hardly struggles anywhere, if at all

-Is proficient at bike control in tight spaces, Shows Extreme confidence, Can tackle hills up and down with ease, And can easily handle loose, wet, rocky, rooty terrain on hills.

-Score at least 85% or better on the End-Of-Session Scorecard

-Shows Advanced route planning ability, Map reading proficiency, And GPS Proficiency with their own GPS unit.

-Demonstrates Navigation ability, And knowledge of the area. (Mud holes to avoid, Safe routes etc)

-Demonstrates Group Leading Abilities Such as Navigation, Problem Solving, Emergency Avoidance And Emergency Procedures, 2 way radio comms, preparedness, Planning ahead And more.

-Carries a Tier 3 Gear Kit, Complete With trauma Kit, And has some knowledge of how to use it.

-Is totally prepared for anything. Including Barwell Mountain(Double Black Diamond), And is Certified To Ride Solo

Terms & Conditions

Fees are Non-Refundable. Sessions may be transferred between days to accommodate changes in schedule, As long as 24 hour or greater notice is provided.

Its recommended to show up 30-45 minutes prior to the session so you have a chance to get geared up and ready to ride. We don't want to waste any valuable mentorship time!

You will be provided with a free checklist a few days before your session. It will detail 3 tiers of gear you should carry.
A tier 1 gear kit is a requirement to attend a Khaos Bikes Enduro mentor Session.

It is your responsibility to prepare a tier 1 kit and have it with you, As well as to push yourself to complete the entire ride. So please prepare it, and yourself in advance of attending.
*Refunds will not be given for those who wish to cancel the ride or stop the session.
*Refunds will only be considered in special circumstances.
*Waiver Must Be Signed Upon Arrival. Khaos Bikes Is In No Way responsible for any injuries or damages sustained during these mentor sessions. Being in the mountains is inherently dangerous, As is riding a motorcycle of any kind. Khaos Bikes strives to teach safety and preparedness as a priority, And we always assess and manage risk accordingly, And are prepared for any emergency.